Visa Information

Please check if you need a visa to the UK to attend the ISSPDS-Edinburgh 2020.

About Visa

General information regarding the requirements for entry to the UK may be found on the UK Border Agency website:
It must be noted that the UK is not part of the Schengen agreement, hence Schengen visas will not be accepted by passport control.

Attendees can find out if a visa is required by following the link below:

An online application for a visa can be made on the UK Border Agency website:

Visitors attending conferences are classed as business visitors:

Visa Help

If you need a invitation letter to apply for a visa to attend ISSPDS-Edinburgh 2020, we can provide an official invitation letter to support your application.  You will also be required to make payment for your registration before a visa letter can be issued. Please contact with the following details:

  • the event name, ISSPDS-Edinburgh 2020

  • your name exactly as it appears on your passport

  • the postal address of your current home institution